Aria® postural backrests, super-light, perfectly adaptable to the dorsolumbar segment. They assure a good containment without inhibiting the movement of bust and upper limbs.
The particular geometry of Aria® backrests and the use of innovative materials as the carbon fiber and aluminum ensure elasticity, resistance and a correct posture.

Aria Wheels has developed three solutions of backrests, depending on the needs:

Aria® rigid postural backrest, carbon fiber
Aria® semi-rigid moisture-wicking postural backrest, carbon fiber
Aria® postural backrest, aluminium

All are equipped with a series of holes which allow to adjust the height and to then be blocked by the central bracket. They are available in a range of widths and heights.
The shells are provided with a 30mm hight-density foam padding and its relative cover is in fire-resistant, moisture-wicking fabric.


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