Aria® postural backrests, super-light, in carbon fibre, perfectly adaptable to the dorsolumbar segment. They assure a good containment without inhibiting the movement of bust and upper limbs. The particular structure of Aria® backrests and the elasticity of carbon fibre help to return to an upright position.

Aria Wheels has developed two solutions of backrests, depending on the needs:
Aria® rigid postural backrest and Aria® semi-rigid moisture-wicking postural backrest.

Both are equipped with a series of holes which allow to adjust the height and to then be blocked by the central bracket. They are available in a range of widths and heights.
The carbon fibre body is provided with a 3 cm double-density foam filling and its relative cover is in fire-resistant, moisture-wicking material.

Attributability to ASL (Italian public health)
The rigid postural backrests in carbon fibre (provided in the standard configuration), is registered in the “Medical Device Repertoire” of the Ministry of Health with code nr. 1372241/R.

*Download here the Brochure of the Aria® postural backrests

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