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Flying for All: Inclusion through AeroGravity's "Disability Project"

AeroGravity showcases its commitment to providing accessible flight experiences for everyone, including individuals with disabilities, through the "Disability Project." This initiative aims to ensure that every individual, regardless of their physical abilities, can enjoy the exhilarating sensations of flight and the freedom to "fly" in a safe and controlled environment.

Everybody Can Fly: What is AeroGravity?

AeroGravity stands as a significant entity that transcends the corporate realm, manifesting as a group of enthusiastic parachutists hailing from various corners of the globe and anchored in Milan. Their deep passion for skydiving has solidified the belief that this discipline ranks among the most exceptional sports globally. This conviction has channeled their determination toward disseminating the global experience of flight, extending the opportunity for everyone to relish the sensation of soaring through the air.

Simultaneously, AeroGravity assumes a unique and stimulating role in Italy, being the sole vertical wind tunnel facility within the country. This remarkable structure enables one to immerse themselves in the thrill of flight throughout the entire year. Within the confines of a majestic 8-meter high crystal cylinder, powered by six turbines of considerable potency, a robust airflow reaching speeds of up to 370 km/h defies gravity itself, elevating and enabling anyone to partake in the flight experience. AeroGravity represents a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of indoor skydiving, benefiting from the ingenuity and engineering prowess of an international team of specialists. The entire setup is conceived with the aim of delivering maximum entertainment while ensuring the utmost safety.

Andrea Pacini: Transforming Frustration into Energy

AeroGravity's "Disability Project" finds its roots in the story of Andrea Pacini. "When you, as a paratrooper from the Folgore division, find yourself in a wheelchair, you're faced with two choices: spend your life complaining or transform your frustration into energy to reclaim what destiny has taken from you," states Andrea Pacini, who chose the latter option.

A 36-year-old Florentine, in 2008 he was frozen in time as a member of the Folgore Paratroopers when a motorcycle accident resulted in a fracture of his fifth dorsal vertebra. It seems like a cruel twist of fate, undoubtedly a terrible moment, but little by little, Andrea resolved to grasp what had slipped through his fingers. Now he can proudly say he's succeeded.

Rebirth Through AeroGravity

Andrea Pacini's rebirth commences when he relocates from Florence to Milan and starts working at AeroGravity Milan, a vertical wind tunnel that provides the thrill of flight. Many in Andrea's shoes would have settled for a career adjacent to skydiving, but not him.

He never ceased feeling like a parachutist. "The flame to return to jumping has always burned in my heart," and so he initiates the Obiettivo Volare (Objective Fly) project to realize his dream of obtaining a skydiving license, which he eventually achieves. "Now I'm a fully independent parachutist in every sense."

Access to Flight

AeroGravity's "Disability Project" is designed to enable individuals with physical or motor disabilities to engage in the complete and gratifying flight experience. Through meticulous equipment design and adaptation, the project offers the opportunity to experience flight to those who may have never considered it possible.

Inclusion and Empowerment

AeroGravity's "Disability Project," driven by the vision of Andrea Pacini, goes beyond merely providing a flight opportunity for people with disabilities. The primary goal is to promote social inclusion, empowerment, and awareness towards the world of differently-abled individuals. By enabling people with disabilities to participate in an experience like flight, AeroGravity aids in breaking down mental and physical barriers, demonstrating that the sky knows no limits and that challenges can be overcome through commitment, passion, and determination.

Thanks to Andrea Pacini's determination and inspiration, AeroGravity's "Disability Project" stands as a leader in providing accessible and inclusive flight experiences. With specially designed equipment and the commitment of a cohesive community, the project offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to fulfill the dream of flight. Beyond the thrill of the experience itself, the project promotes social inclusion, awareness, and empowerment, showcasing the unifying power of flight in transcending barriers and building bridges between people.

Through Andrea Pacini's indomitable spirit, AeroGravity remains an ongoing source of inspiration, demonstrating that the sky can truly be a realm of freedom, accessible to all.

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