Aria meets Ilena Caye

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Ilena Caye is very young and ambitious: she wants to study political science, then work as a journalist and become a member of the Parliament for the Haute-Marne. Meanwhile, at just nine years old, she became an ambassador of Aria Wheels.

Her peculiarities are her smile and her dynamism.

Ilena Caye is a force of nature despite her age and the fact she was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic neuromuscular disease.

“It's just a little hassle in life” this is what she says about her disability.

There is no limit for her from having fun in the snow of Haute-Savoie, from practicing dance and from being a source of inspiration for those around her.

A lifestyle that has led her to become ambassador of the Haute-Marne, the Department where she lives, but more generally to be the bearer of a message of solidarity for those who are in the same situation as her. Meanwhile, little Ilena continues to give interviews and meet many people, feeding her dream of being a journalist.

Meanwhile, she became an Aria's ambassador.

A collaboration born on social media that turned into a true friendship.

“My wheelchair is my identity, it is my legs”, says Ilena.

In fact, she wants to be able to move easily thanks to a light wheelchair, but also she looks for a cool design wheelchair and a dynamic product that can be adapted to all the activities that she practices every day.

In short, she wants a wheelchair that is like her, free like the Air.

And she chose an Aria 1.0.

Thank you Ilena for inspiring us every day!

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