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"I have dedicated my heart and soul to art and, as I always say, spray cans and art were the strongest medicines."

Andrea Casillo, aka Kasy23, born in 1980, is the first Italian graffiti artist in a wheelchair.

He has always passion for graffiti art. Since he was a child, he has been fascinated by graffiti and colours.

In 1997, he started painting and colouring on the walls of old abandoned buildings, and today he works on commission to create incredible artworks, as well as teaching the art of graffiti.

But in 2005 his world changed the perspective due to a fulminating infection of the bone marrow, of unknown origin, that overnight forced him to start a second life in a wheelchair.

He told us that "painting in a wheelchair is not impossible, it's just a bit more challenging" and for making his work less tiring, he has always been looking for the right support to guarantee ease of movement, stability and less effort during the transfers.

Finally, Kasy found the right wheelchair: now he has an Aria Speciale that is lighter and more active while working compared to his former wheelchairs, and it also supports him in his everyday life.

Completely customized, with a Magnesium frame and Carbon components, Speciale "is the dress that fits like a glove".

Kasy came to visit us for making a graffiti artwork that fully reflects our personality (you can see the making of it in the video)

"At the beginning of my wheelchair life, I painted on canvas and panels in the garage at home and after hanging them on the walls I feel like they elevate myself. Where I don't arrive physically, my art does".

Art and inclusion are in Kasy's plans; in fact, his goal is to get his art spread out through new collaborations and to share the message that disability has no limits.

Watch the video interview to find out more about him, his story and his Aria Speciale 👆.

You can follow Kasy's evolutions on his INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK accounts!

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