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Nicola Dutto: the off-road rider in a wheelchair who has challenged disability and promotes inclusion.

Nicola Dutto is an Italian off-road rider, specializing in Desert Race, who has achieved significant milestones despite his disability. In 2010, he became paralyzed from the waist down due to an accident during an enduro race. But instead of giving up, he decided to continue doing what he loves: riding motorcycles.

As an able-bodied person, he participated in the Spanish Rally Todo Terreno Championship for six consecutive years from 2000 to 2006, reaching the finish line first twice. Then, in Baja California in 2007, he came fourth overall among off-road Desert Championship professionals.

He achieved numerous milestones, which were interrupted when an accident during a race in Pordenone in 2010 left him paraplegic.

"It's a shock because you go from being an able-bodied person to being catapulted into a new universe that you know nothing about in an instant. I had the strength to react thanks to what I had gained up to that point: being a rider and riding a motorcycle off-road puts you in front of obstacles that you have to overcome every day. You overcome the material obstacles first with your head and then with your body."

Returning to riding a motorcycle was not initially planned. Then, thanks to training and a new physicality, his body was ready for a new challenge.

Starting from the motorcycle with which he had the accident years before, Nicola, together with his wife Elena, was able to design a suitable seat, leg protection roll bar, electro-actuated gearshift, and automatic clutch.

The magic happened. Just two years after the accident, Nicola was able to continue pursuing his passion: "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul."

We are happy to have Nicola on board as an Ambassador for Aria because he believed in our mission from the start, which he also shares with his OAC Offroad Adventure Crew. The OAC is a team of off-road professionals who provide assistance, expertise, and equipment to both able-bodied and disabled riders during training and competitions.

The new wheelchair is Aria 1.0, an iconic designed wheelchair that offers extreme lightness, thanks to the fully welded aluminium frame made of aluminium alloy, and extra comfort thanks to the ergonomic seat, postural backrest, and tapered front.

With his support, we at Aria can spread the message that people with disabilities should not be limited by heavy and bulky objects but can enjoy greater freedom and independence thanks to the innovative technology that we apply to all our wheelchair models.

In conclusion, Nicola Dutto is an example of determination and willpower who has been able to turn an accident into a challenge to be faced and won. His story demonstrates that with passion and courage, any obstacle can be overcome and unthinkable goals can be achieved.

Watch the video interview to learn more about Nicola's story and how his new Aria wheelchair will help him in everyday life!

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