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Orthos XXI is a renowned medical device manufacturer founded in 1985. The company has been providing class I medical devices to meet the needs of patients worldwide for decades. However, with the growth of the market, the company realized that it needed to provide a wider range of technical products for users with more differentiated needs.

Thus, in 2022, Orthos XXI launched a new project called AURUM XXI, which aims to develop and market superior quality and high customization products. This project includes technicians and specialized engineers who seek to adapt the products to the users, offering them the possibility of having a more active life.


One of the key components of this project is finding partners who share the same vision and values as Orthos XXI. That is why they decided to rely on Aria, where our common prerogative is to bet on innovation and image. The design and low weight of the Aria wheelchairs were liked by Orthos XXI, as they are the ideal solution for the most physically active end users.

The partnership between Orthos XXI and Aria is a great example of how collaboration between two companies with shared values and complementary skills can lead to better products and services for customers.

As of today, Orthos XXI is the official distributor of Aria products throughout Portugal. This will allow both companies to expand their presence in the Portuguese market and offer patients personalized, high-quality solutions to improve their quality of life. The synergy between Orthos XXI and Aria represents a great opportunity for innovation and the development of advanced medical products.

Watch the interview with Catia Martis and discover more about the Orthos XXI world.

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