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We are very excited to announce our partnership with Rehagirona! We hope that this will be the start of an exciting and fruitful working relationship.

First of all, we would like to introduce Rehagirona.

Rehagirona is a company that offers high-quality products to improve the quality of life of people with special needs all over Spain.

Founded more than 20 years ago by Jordi Gispert, Rehagirona has made agreements with the best manufacturers worldwide to offer quality solutions through its different brands: RehaFit and RehaPro.

Aria-RehaGirona partnership

The collaboration between Aria Wheels and Rehagirona has only just begun, but it has its roots a long time ago.

Jordi, the founder of Rehagirona got to know Aria during the Rehacare fair in Dusseldorf. This was the first point of contact.

After carefully studying Aria products, the Rehagirona team decided to learn more about the Aria Wheels world and so the first contacts were made.

Rehagirona was in fact looking for a good partner to further develop their RehaPro branch and Aria seemed like the ideal company to work with. 

We at Aria were also looking for a partner who would improve our presence in Spain. 

Meeting people's needs is at the heart of our activities, as well as at Rehagirona. Both companies believe that products with high-quality standards can make a difference in terms of quality of life. 

Therefore, the union between our two companies came naturally - we have always shared similar values: understanding customers' needs and delivering innovative solutions!

Marco (CEO of Aria) shaking hand with Jordi (CEO of Rehagirona)

Sharing knowledge and experiences

We had a series of meetings with Rehagirona, during which we were able to share experiences and knowledge in our respective fields.

The first meeting was at our HQ, an informal gathering to know each other.

Then, we visited Rehagirona to present our company and product to the key figures of the company.

Finally, last June, we went to Girona for three days of training with the technicians of Rehagirona. They had the opportunity to learn more about the technical details of our products and about our wheelchairs' adjustments.

Also for us, it was a chance to understand the Spanish customers' needs and received technical feedback from Rehagirona's team.

The Rehagirona team

Next steps…

After our last visit, the first step will be increasing awareness of the Aria products in Spain through synergetic communication between us and Rehagirona.

Thanks to Rehagirona, we will be able to present our products to their customers, as well as attract new ones. In case of need, Spanish customers will be able to interface directly with Rehagirona which has always offered a punctual and precise service.

We have many things planned for the future!

After saying our goodbyes, we parted ways by meeting in September for the Rehacare fair, the world’s largest trade fair for the rehabilitation and care sector.

In the meantime, we will continue to talk to each other to define strategies to be implemented together and we will start presenting our products in Spain. This union we are sure will take us far, offering Spanish users the best product to live an active and independent life.

This is just the first presentation and we invite you to follow the next developments via our website and social channels.

It is a big step for both companies but we believe it will be beneficial for both of us!

The future looks bright because we have many things planned for each other in the coming months...


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