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August for many of us is the month of holidays and relaxation; for Roberta Macrì, however, it is the month of rebirth.

Roberta Macrì is an actress, a dancer, a content creator.... and also a new Aria Ambassador!

About the car accident, she said: 'I remember everything about the accident, but unfortunately, I have no memory of the only time I flew in my life". She told us jokingly that she was "reborn" on 14 August 2011.

"I celebrate this day every year: I have always seen this as an opportunity to think about my life and give it a better meaning. I would consider my life before the accident as 'normal', now is no more normal, not due to my disability, but because I don't want it to be normal." (Watch the video of 11 August 2022)

In fact, Roberta's dynamic character changes every day, and she always maintains the will to live the experiences that life continues to offer her. Fulfilled by her work, future marriage, friends, and her passion for dance. Dancing has become a tool to transmit something to others.

About this, Roberta says that, since the accident, nothing has really changed, only the fact that she now dances sitting down. Her dance partners and choreographers, who used to accompany her, are still the same, this allows her to experiment and discover what her body could do in her condition and to consolidate these old friendships that have never abandoned her.

She's also a gym enthusiast, a passion that turned into a profession: from weightlifting to a Para Powerlifting champion.

Roberta Macrì is a volcano of positivity that nothing and no one can stop and, above all, that never ceases to amaze.

Roberta is very active on social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok, with a lot of followers who support her and encourage her to continue spreading positive, true, and outspoken messages about disability and sharing stories and fun facts about her wheelchair life. She talks with simplicity and spontaneity about her passion for cooking and make-up, her friendships nights out, and her super-colored outfits. Another mission it's to promote disability awareness and to expose situations of exclusion (e.g. due to architectural barriers)

What struck us most, when we met her, was her genuine friendliness and overwhelming desire to get things done. Roberta's profiles, and herself, are indeed full of color, energy, and... PINK!

In fact, Roberta's favorite color is Pink and that's why she decided to customize her new Aria 2.0Al with a pink frame and pink spokes, a wheelchair as well assembled according to her precise needs and measurements!

We are happy to have Roberta in our family: find out more about her story in this video interview (Click HERE ) and follow her on social INSTAGRAM and TIK TOK!

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