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34 years old, Vincenzo Boni is a Paralympic swimmer and loyal brand ambassador for Aria Wheels.

Born in Naples, Vincenzo is suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome since he was six years old, a hereditary neurological syndrome affecting the peripheral nervous system.

He said: "I started swimming for therapeutic purposes but then it became a real passion. For a while, I kept the distance from this world: I saw many differences between my teammates who would compete and me, so the passion was fading away. But a few years later, I discovered the Paralympic movement and since then I had no more excuses: I applied myself fully on this sport".

In April 2015, his first International competition at the International Meeting in Berlin, he attended to the event as a member of the Caravaggio Sporting Village and he came back home with his first world record.

In 2016, he took part in his first Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, winning the bronze medal in the 50m backstroke. Thanks to this prestigious result, he received the honour of Cavaliere della Repubblica from Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Italian Republic.

Now he is also part of the Paralympic Sport Ambassadors, a group of elite athletes whose task is to bring their sporting and professional testimony to schools and spinal units.

Over the years, he has taken part in various national and international competitions and he won numerous awards and prizes. He is an Aria ambassador since the beginning of 2021 and we supported him at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, where he competed in the 50m freestyle races arriving fifth, as well as in the 200m freestyle and the 350m backstroke.

In his everyday life, Vicenzo is a young man who loves life and all the things that bring him adrenalin and a boost of extra charge.

He told us: "I am stubborn and headstrong in all areas of my life. If I set a goal, I have to achieve it at all costs".

Even though he has a full-time job, this doesn't prevent him from continuing his training with a special target: participate in the next Paralympics in Paris.

He declared: "After Paris 2024, I would like to teach others what I have learned over the years".

When we asked about his relationship with Aria Wheels he said: "I discovered Aria Wheels when I was looking for a new wheelchair and I got in touch with the Aria Product Specialist of my region. Besides being impressed by the extreme elegance and lightness, when I found out more about the mission of the company I felt 100% in agreement with it. I decided to choose Aria because I saw myself in it: it was a new concept that started from the bottom, but with constant work and tenacity it became something strong and powerful".

Why choose ARIA?
"Because it's a real innovation, a unique brand: you can notice the difference at first glance and at the first test. In addition, there is a team that supports you in every stage: not just during the selling process, but also after-sale. Aria is available in the most helpful way possible, especially compared to other cases that I have experienced."

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