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How to adjust Aria ULTRA

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ULTRA is the lightest multi-adjustable rigid-frame super lightweight wheelchair on the market today, weighing just 4.8 kg. It is the result of commitment and constant research into new technical solutions for further weight reduction.

ULTRA, a name that describes an idea of mobility marked by lightness, manoeuvrability, smoothness and responsiveness. Its characteristics make it perfect for an expert user who is looking for a lightweight wheelchair that becomes an expression of his personality and lifestyle. 

The new frame geometry made of magnesium alloy and the innovative Aria® patented carbon fiber central axle, make ULTRA is rigid and manageable at the same time.

In the Aria ULTRA wheelchair it is possible to adjust:

- Knee to heel length

- Seat height front

- Seat height rear

- Backrest inclination

- Center of Gravity

In the tutorial video, we show you how the Aria ULTRA can be adjusted and what aspects can be worked on.

First of all, the distance of the popliteal-heel cable is easily adjustable thanks to a sliding system that is simple to move and fix to the most comfortable and practical point for the user.

Thanks to a special adjustment bracket, the front and rear height of the seat can be modified to make the surface more or less inclined.

As concerns the backrest, it's possible to work on the joints for adjusting the inclination of the backrest, and, if an Aria postural backrest is chosen, the inclination of the universal centre clamp can also be modified.

Finally, you can adjust the centre of gravity: by removing simple screws you can easily move the seat structure back and forth to find your balance

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Furthermore, you can customise your ULTRA wheelchair with other accessories to make it even more unique!

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