Aria Wheelchair Measurements

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How to Measure Aria Wheelchairs

We updated our technical specifications to simplify and enhance your Aria wheelchair configuration experience. Our technical specs and online configurators have been standardised, ensuring a consistent measuring approach across different models.

Furthermore, we have created a detailed video tutorial to provide step-by-step instructions on taking all required measurements to configure an Aria wheelchair.

Technical Specifications and Online Configurators Updates

We have updated the technical specs and online configurators to standardise the measurement process for the different Aria wheelchairs, ensuring a consistent measuring approach.

These improvements enhance the clarity and accuracy of the information, with a focus on the seat depth measurements.

You can now measure the seat depth from the backrest support tube to the front edge of the seat.

This procedure applies to all Aria wheelchairs except the 1.0 model. In this instance, only a postural backrest can be assembled, thus this measurement is taken from the backrest foam.

The current technical specifications include detailed visual descriptions for each measurement.

Instead, the online configurators allow you to view in real-time all dimensional possibilities for an Aria wheelchair, enabling you to check the compatibility of the selected parameters.

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Check out the product pages for access to technical specs and try out the online configurators

Video Tutorial: How to Measure Aria Wheelchairs

Our new video tutorial explains every dimensional parameter of Aria wheelchairs to assist you with the measurements.

The video shows how to correctly take the measurements: seat width, seat depth, backrest height, centre of gravity, and knee-to-heel distance.

Check out the video tutorial and refer to the technical specifications.

Also, don't forget to use our online configurators to configure your Aria wheelchairs!

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