Born in Rovereto, surrounded by greenery and mountains, Daniela always saw nature as the only thing that made her feel free. 

Despite the rare disease she was diagnosed at 8 years old, the Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy, which affects the nervous system of the muscles and in particular the lower limbs, she has never stopped living her life to its fullest. Her relationship with nature and the mountains has always remained alive thanks to handcycling, one of her greatest passions.

She decided not to keep this passion just for herself, but to transmit it to other people in wheelchairs. In fact, 3 years ago, together with her husband, she created the DANY OLTRE PROJECT , a project that aims to encourage all people with disabilities to go BEYOND their limits.

The news of her death left us overwhelmed and speechless. Dany was for us, as well as a proud brand ambassador, a great friend. She came to us via social media over four years ago and from the very first moment we were overwhelmed by her determination and kindness. Every occasion she brought her to our headquarters filled us with joy and happiness.

The DANY OLTRE PROJECT was a source of great pride for her and like her husband Luca, we want to continue to follow and support it, respecting her dedication and commitment.

Thank you for everything you have left us, we will carry it with us for a long time.

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