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How to adjust Aria 2.0Al

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The Aria 2.0Al is a multi-adjustable, super-lightweight wheelchair. In its standard configuration, it features a folding backrest for improved manoeuvrability during transfers, a rigid aluminium frame and new structural components that allow it to adapt to different user needs.

The Aria 2.0Al can be customised with a large range of elements, including an aluminium or carbon fibre central axis and a frame angle that can be opened or closed. 

The multi-adjustability of the Aria 2.0Al makes it possible to have a wheelchair adaptable over time, which accommodates the different needs that may change for the user over the years.

In this video, we show you how the Aria 2.0Al can be adjusted and what aspects can be worked on.

First of all, you can adjust the centre of gravity: by removing simple screws you can easily move the seat structure back and forth to find your balance.

The brakes, the distance of the popliteal-heel cable and the angle of the footrest are easily adjustable thanks to a sliding system that is simple to move and fix to the most comfortable and practical point for the user.

Thanks to a special adjustment bracket, the rear and front height of the seat can be modified to make the surface more or less inclined.

As concerns the backrest, it's possible to work in three different ways: on the inclination of the universal central clamp and on the joints for adjusting the inclination of the backrest, and lastly on the height of the support in respect to the frame.

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Furthermore, you can customise your 2.0Al wheelchair with other accessories to make it even more unique!

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