How to adjust Aria KID - pediatric wheelchair

Innovative, adjustable, and truly lightweight: KID is the super-lightweight pediatric wheelchair with an aluminium frame that will follow your child as they grow.

This pediatric wheelchair is able to change over time to follow the needs of the youngest. In fact, thanks to an integrated system allow for many adjustments, and adapting to the child's growth. Every detail of the KID has been designed to give children the best possible use of the wheelchair for efficient pushing.

The Aria KID has an aluminium frame to ensure lightness and strength at an affordable cost. Its design reflects the Aria wheelchair style that favors lightness and postural aspects.

Classifiable as a super lightweight wheelchair, it has a transport weight of approximately 4.5 kg.

The adaptability to the growth of the KID pediatric wheelchair is achieved through multiple adjustment possibilities.

As illustrated in the tutorial video, it is possible to adjust

- the height of the front and rear seat by simply removing the screws and any spacers placed under the carbon seat and choosing the preferred shelf height;

- from the same shelf it is possible to increase or decrease the depth of the seat thanks to a sliding system provided in the carbon seat;

- it is possible to modify the distance of the footrest with respect to the seat by adjusting the distance of the popliteal-heel cable and the footrest itself can be adjusted in depth according to preference;

- the front forks can be opened or closed to adapt the wheelchair's stance as it grows and thus modify it more or less actively

- finally, the backrest can be modified in inclination and, if an Aria postural backrest is chosen, also in height.

The KID wheelchair is specifically designed for children and adolescents weighing up to 75 kg who want a product that guarantees efficient pushing.

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