Smooth® is a suspension wheelchair fork that provides exceptional shock absorption.

It gives your wheelchair the ability to traverse more uneven terrain with a smoother, more comfortable ride. Uneven terrain, cobblestones, and dirt roads will not be a problem!

Smooth is the result of essentiality, simplicity and efficiency which, in its minimalism, gives the user a better experience. The Smooth suspension forks can be mounted on most of the wheelchairs on the market. Check that the forks bushing of your wheelchair can accommodate an M12 axle. Smooth is available with 4 or 5 inch caster and with aluminium or carbon fiber forks body.

Main user benefits:

The Smooth shock-absorbing wheelchair fork is ideal for all users who find it difficult to move around due to uneven and rough terrain. These are the main benefits:

  • Exceptional shock absorption

  • Fluidity on uneven ground

  • Compatibility with most wheelchairs on the market

  • Totally Made in Italy

Smooth® is a patented by Aria Wheels Srl.

Technical specifications

Smooth® is a shock-absorbing wheelchair forks that can be fitted to most wheelchairs on the market. Available in carbon or aluminium and 4 or 5 inch caster.


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