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We met Alex Innocenti, from Orbetello in Tuscany, who talked with us about his career as a Paralympic motorcyclist.

He's been a motorcycle enthusiast since he was young. But after his accident in 1999, Alex's life totally changed!

He was involved in different jobs and hobbies to reinvent himself, but never thought he would be able to race motorcycles again!

His motorcycling adventure started a few years later thanks to the support of his wife that pushed him to follow his passion.

It all started just before the birth of his daughter at Luca Scassa's garage, a well-known person in the Italian motorcycling movement.

So, he started his project to get back in the saddle by adapting classic motorcycles to race motorcycles for paraplegic people.

Over time, they designed several innovative systems: the magnet attachment system to hold the feet to the acceleration and braking controls in the handlebars.

These features allowed Alex to compete in the most famous European racetracks before the MotoGP and SuperBike races.

Not only competitions, one of Alex's goals is to help other people with disabilities to approach the world of motorcycles, thanks to the support of Diversamente Disabili association.

Watch the full interview (in Italian) to learn more about Alex Innocenti's story!

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