What's better than a nice day with friends, perhaps venturing through the countryside or the streets and parks of our city?

But let's face it, the city center streets and the streets of our countryside are not always easy to cross.

Our front wheels can bump in the cobblestones badly placed, manholes and rough ground; all this could be disastrous and make us fall!

Country roads? Let's not even go there! We can find an old asphalt with cracks and furrows and to reach our destination we’ll have to venture on dirt roads. 

The problems are multiple, we must stay focused on the road and constantly wheeling, losing some of the poetry of the moment.

What if there was a different solution? Something that could keep us going forward peacefully without keeping our gaze fixed on the imperfections of the road? Something new, invisible, but that will change the way we go around, making our passage smooth and safe?

The solution we studied is called Smooth®! Our suspension fork will allow you to go on your way calmly without stressing yourself, and you don’t have to change route when you find uneven ground, it will cancel your fear of getting stuck or falling forward.

Smooth is manufactured with the best materials on the market: stainless steel, light-alloy 7075 (Ergal), with springs in-molded steel with a calibrated hardness that can resist millions of cycles. This guarantees our shock absorbers in all situations that you will face even the most extreme ones.

Watch the video of our Stefano and you’ll be amazed at the ease with which he faces all the small and big daily obstacles without any problem. He ventures through the streets with a smile on his lips. Can't wait to try Smooth®?

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Do you think it’s too hard to install? Don’t worry Smooth® can be mounted on 95% of commercial wheelchairs in 30 minutes, Look how easy it is.

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