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Aria 1.0 is unique!

The new Aria 1.0 is a lightweight wheelchair with a custom-welded aluminium fixed frame. In the standard configuration, Aria 1.0 is provided with the Aria postural backrest to ensure the best comfort.

The wheelchair frame is characterized by a front tapered design that better contains the legs; at the rear, the new ergonomic seat design optimizes pelvic stability and facilitates pushing.

Thanks to the improvements made, the frame only weighs around 2 kg. The welding of the frame takes place in a protected atmosphere (TIG welding) that guarantees the resistance of the joints over time.

The new ONE

The new 1.0 is a super-light and highly customizable wheelchair that can be customized to suit different needs.

It is possible to select:

  • Different Aria postural backs, either fixed or removable. The carbon fiber postural backrest is mounted with a central attachment to emphasize the elasticity characteristics of the material;

  • Tensionable or rigid carbon-fiber seat, both ensure maintenance of the required dimensional aspects over time

  • Ergonomic Seat

  • Footrest welded to measure or height adjustable

  • A wide choice of customizable elements

Furthermore, additional accessories can make the product even more unique and customizable.

The new Aria 1.0 is Made in Italy and assembled with innovative techniques.

Why choose the new super lightweight wheelchair 1.0

The Aria 1.0 is a super lightweight wheelchair for autonomous and expert users who want to move independently throughout the day.  

The most appreciated features are:

  • Rigidity

  • Ergonomic seating

  • Aria's postural back (as a standard feature)

  • Smoothness

  • Super responsiveness

Classified as a super-light wheelchair, it weighs only 4,9 kg approx.

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Technical specifications

Lightweight total welded wheelchair with a rigid frame made of aluminium alloy with Aria postural back as standard feature.

Maximum load capacity 120 kg. Transport weight ± 4,9 kg.

The standard configuration is pre-selected in the configurator below (measurements in millimeters).

Parameters marked "Not adjustable after sale" are fixed; parameters without notes indicate adjustable measurements.


Frame sizes



Postural Backrest





Rear wheels

FAT Wheels

Front casters

Stainless bearings

Side guards



Anti tipper

Scratch protection


Board for transfers

Phoenix Instinct Luggage

Portable Key Kit

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