Lightweight aluminium wheelchair, multi-adjustable and super-sliding. The lightweight 2.0Al wheelchair was designed with the aim of creating a wheelchair that is both attractive and accessible to as many users as possible. This ultralight wheelchair with a rigid frame in aluminium alloy has a lot of adjustments, putting in the first place the user and in particular the postural aspect.

The 2.0Al is completely Italian and hand-assembled. 

The folding backrest can be selected for greater practicality in transfers, it is ideal for the user who is aware of his own needs and who wants a light and manageable product that adapts perfectly to his own requirements. Classified as a superlight wheelchair, the 2.0Al weighs about 6kg, is CE marked and has been designed and tested in accordance with UNI and ISO 7176 standards.

Multi-adjustability that focuses on your needs

2.0Al is equipped with new structural components that allow the user even more adjustments than most super-lightweight wheelchairs.

  • Rigid carbon fiber seat with an adjustable inclination that ensures the maintenance of the sought-after dimensional aspects over time

  • Open or closed frame angle

  • Aluminium or carbon fiber central axle

  • Wide choice of customizable elements

Why choose the superlight wheelchair 2.0Al

Those who choose the 2.0Al are users who want a lightweight and manoeuvrable wheelchair that adapts perfectly to their needs:

  • User-friendly multi-adjustability

  • Solidity

  • Lightness weighs about 6kg

  • Manoeuvrability

  • Totally Made in Italy

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Technical specifications

Multi-adjustable super-light wheelchair, the rigid frame assembled with structural adhesives is made of aluminium alloy and Ergal components.

Maximum load capacity 120 kg. Transport weight ± 6.0 kg.

The standard configuration is pre-selected in the configurator below (measurements in millimetres).

Parameters marked "Not adjustable after sale" are fixed; parameters without notes indicate adjustable measurements.





Aria® accessories

Seat cushion

FAT Wheels



Anti tipper

Scratch protection

Board for transfers

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