KID is the superlight wheelchair with aluminium frame that will follow the child in his growth. Innovative, adjustable and really lightweight. This wheelchair for children is able to change over time to follow the needs of the smallest. Thanks to an integrated system, the depth of the wheelchair can be adjustable, thus adapting to the growth of the child.

Together with independence comes self-confidence. Every detail of the KID has been designed to offer children the possibility to use the wheelchair in the best way for efficient pushing. The Aria KID children's wheelchair has an aluminium frame to ensure lightweight and strength at an affordable cost. Its design reflects the Aria wheelchair style that favors lightness and postural aspects.

KID is CE marked and has been designed and tested in compliance with UNI and ISO 7176 standards. Classifiable as a lightweight wheelchair, it has a transport weight of about 4.5 kg.

The kids wheelchair that adapts to the growth of the child

The KID pediatric wheelchair is adaptable to growth thanks to the possibility of adjustments. It is possible to intervene on:

  • The seat depth

  • The type and angle of the backrest 

  • The measurement of the knee to heel length

  • The measurement of the center of gravity

  • The rear and front seat height

Why choose the KID pediatric wheelchair 

The KID wheelchair is specifically designed for children and adolescents up to 75 kg who want a product that guarantees efficient pushing. The main benefits for the user include: 

  • Rigidity

  • Lightness

  • Adaptability to user growth

  • Totally Made in Italy

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Technical specifications

Lightweight paediatric wheelchair with a rigid aluminium frame that adapts to the growth of small children.

Maximum load capacity 75 kg. Transport weight ± 4.5 kg.

The standard configuration is pre-selected in the configurator below (measurements in millimetres).

Parameters marked "Not adjustable after sale" are fixed; parameters without notes indicate adjustable measurements.










Rear wheels

Front casters

Stainless bearings

Side guards


Anti tipper

Under seat bag

Scratch protection


Board for transfers

Portable Key Kit

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